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Looking for an On-site translator?

Looking for an on-site translator for your next event? Call Lyric, We have an experienced network of professional on-site translators(interpreters) available in India for a wide range of events like Conference, Business meetings, technical meetings, training sessions, etc We currently support the South East Asian, European languages and Arabic.

  • Native/Experienced bilingual translators
  • Located in India
  • Minimum 3+ years of experience.
  • Subject Matter Experts ( SME's)
  • Available on short notice
  • Record, Transcribe, Translate and document meetings, events
  • Friendly translators
Supported Languages
  • Chinese <> English
  • Malay <> English
  • Japanese <> English
  • Korean <> English
  • European Languages <> English
  • English <> Arabic
  • Per day (8 hours including one hour lunch break)
  • Minimum 8 hours ( One day)
  • Travelling and food expenses at actuals
  • All payments in advance
  • Special instructions if any must be discussed/shared in advance
  • Special rates for more than 3 day events
  • Can arrange for one or more translators for one or more languages
Other information
We are familiar with the requirements for onsite translators in India. We currently have limited availability of resources. We will recommend to give sufficient time ( a fortnight advance notice) to arrange and schedule the translator online.

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Please give us minimum 7 days time