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Our Telephone interpreters help businesses and individuals to communicate to non-english speaking clients.

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Call us and discuss your requirement and inform the language paid, purpose of the call and any other special requirement.


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Our response system will connect to the available translator based on your request and brief them about your requirement.


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Once connected you can keep the translator on the line and connect with the other person with whom you want to converse.

Looking for an Telephone Interpreter?

Trying to speak to a non english speaking person? You need an interpreter who can translate English. So, you call us and get connected to a translator and start your discussion. Our translator will translate your communication to the other person and communicate back. Call Lyric, We have an experienced network of professional telephone translators(interpreters) available in India for a wide range of discussions. We currently support the South East Asian, European languages and Arabic.

  • Native/Experienced bilingual translators
  • Available 24X7
  • Minimum 3+ years of experience.
  • Subject Matter Experts ( SME's)
  • Available instantly
  • Record, Transcribe, Translate and document meetings, events
  • Friendly translators
Supported Languages
  • Chinese <> English
  • Malay <> English
  • Japanese <> English
  • Korean <> English
  • European Languages <> English
  • English <> Arabic
  • and 100 more..
  • per minute charges
  • No minimum contract
  • Dedicated Account Manager for corporates /li>
  • All payments in advance
  • Special instructions if any must be discussed/shared in advance
  • Contract rates available
  • Can arrange for one or more translators for simultaneous discussions
Suitable for
Call Centers, Help desks, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Pubic Utilities, Immigrations Offices, NGO's, Rescue Center's, Businesses, Technical Discussions etc.

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